Deities of the Realm

Dieties both Good and Evil

Major Gods,
these are the most popular gods in the world, 90% of the people you meet will pay homage to one or more of these gods,

Kord, Unaligned God of Battle, Strength, Athletics, Alcohol, Bar Brawls, and Drinking, Patron of Barbarians, Mercenaries and Drunkards, appears a shirtless long haired babarian with rippling muscles and long hair

Melora, Unaligned Goddess of Nature, Forests, Oceans, Birth and the Cycle of Life, Mother of Wilderness, Patron of Druids, has countless forms, worship is almost universal in rural areas

Erathis, Unaligned Goddess of Civilization, Walls, Roads, Cities, Agriculture, and Empires, Patron of Merchants, has countless forms, worship is almost universal in civilized areas

Bahamut, Lawful Good King of Good Dragons, God of Bravery, Justice, and Compassion, Ruler of the Seven Heavens, Patron of Paladins, Father of the Dragonborn, appears as a platinum dragon of epic proportions

Tiamaat, Chaotic Evil Queen of Evil Dragons, Goddess of Lies, Greed, and Cruelty, Gatekeeper of the Abyss, Patron of the Blackguard, Mother of Draconians, appears a five headed rainbow hued dragon of epic proportions. Is often “worshipped” in the form folk rituals to appease her and keep attention distant

Lesser Gods,
most people will have heard of these gods but their cults are small and not found in every city.

Raven Queen, Unaligned Goddess of Death, Fate and Winter, ruler of death itself but not over the souls of the deceased, Lord of the Shadowfell, Mother of the shadar-kai, was once a mortal human who seduced and then killed the prior God of Death Nerull, member of the Court of Seasons. Allied with Corellon to defeat lolth, stealing to domain of Fate from her. Youngest of all the gods.

Vecna, Evil God of Undeath and Secrets, lord of evil magic, Patron of Necromancers, Father of Liches, missing one eye and one hand, worship of Vecna is punishable by death in lands of Relkingham, AKA Master of Secrets, his Eye and Hand are still powerful artifacts to be found the in world, was born a human and raised a magic user in a land that forbid magic, became an undead lich and then eventually a god, destroyed the last universe but it was reborn as this one

Ioun, Unaligned Goddes of Magic, Knowledge, Prophecy and Skill, lord of good magic, Patron of Wizards, Master of the Arcane, Archenemy of Vecna but not that proactive about it. was once a human wizard, appears as an old man with a long white beard

Gruumsh, Evil God of Savagery, Conquest, Strength, and Destruction, Patron of Barbarians, Father of Orcs, the One Eyed God, father of a whole orcish pantheon, lost his eye in combat with Corellon, hates elves most of all

Corellon Larethian, Good God of Music, Arts, Crafts, Spring, and Poetry, Patron of Bards, Corellon the Protector, First of the Seldarine, Protector and Preserver of Life, member of the Court of Seasons, changes sex at will, Father of Elves, Mother of High Elves, Lord of Arvandor the Elven Heaven, Master of the Feywild, leader of a whole elven pantheon, archenemy of gruumsh after taking his left eye, brother and archenemy of Lloth, ally of melora,

Lolth, Chaotic Evil Goddess of Chaos, Trickery, Darkness, and Spiders, Mother of Dark Elves, Patron of Assassins, Lord of the Underdark, super crazy evil, prone to constant unproductive betrayal, Queen of Chaos, ruler of the Demonweb Pits, many titles including The Spider Queen, Queen of Spiders, Demon Queen of Spiders, Demon Queen of the Abyss, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, Weaver of Chaos, the Hunted, the Mother of Lusts, Dark Mother of All Drow, Lady of Spiders, was once a good aligned elf goddess but went insane and was banished

Pelor, Lawful Good God of Sun, Light, Summer, and Healing, Patron of Clerics and Healers, Father of Eagles, said to be in a romantic relationship with Erathis, member of the Court of Seasons

Sehanine Moonbow, Unaligned Elven Goddess of Dreams, Autumn and the Moon, Patron of Prophets, Seers, and Mystics. said to be ina romantic relationship with Melora. Sister of Corellon Larethian, Member of the Court of Seasons

The Sovereign Host, a loosely defined pantheon of good aligned gods popular during the time of the Empire of Nerrath and still worshiped in some cities, they are distant gods and do not choose champions or directly intercede in the affairs of mortals

Mephistopheles, King of Hell, Father of Lies, God of Hellfire, Betrayal, ruler of the eighth and ninth circles of hell and Overlord of all the Nine Hells, the strongest, most cunning, and most handsome of all devils. defeated and either killed or imprisoned asmodeus the previous king of hell, now often appears to worshipers in asmodeus’s form, or maybe asmodeus killed/imprisoned Mephistopheles and is wearing his form, no one knows for sure.

Minor Gods,
most people will not be aware of these gods, or only vaguely. Many are not true gods but Demon Princes or Arch-Devils who can still gain power from worship and empower their followers

Khirad the Malevolent Star, Lord of Madness, Elder God of the Far Realm, essence of corruption, seeks only to undo creation it self, but one of many, Patron of Starpact Warlocks, Progenitor of Aberrations,

He Who Must Not Be Named, AKA the Chained God, a malevolent being from before time, destroyed many universes but was imprisoned in a dead universe of its own creation, name is thought lost to time, possible creator of the Far Realm

Baphomet, Demon Prince of Beasts, demon god of Beasts, Minotaurs, and Vengeance,The Bull God, The Goat God, Father of Minotaurs, The Trampler, The Horned King. Former ally of yeenoghu, now blames him for a defeat by Bahamut. was once a low level demon

Yeenoghu, Demon Prince of Savage Butchery, Ruler of Ruin, The Beast of Butchery, Patron of Cannibals, King of Gnolls, Ruler of Ghouls, Wielder of the Triple Flail. Cultist of Yeenoghu never bathe. Former ally of Baphomet, now an enemy. Defeated and enslaved a minor demon lord called the King of Ghouls and uses him to be the de fato god of ghouls. Vecna hates him for preveting vecna from having total dominion over undeath. Was once a mortal gnoll who suffered from albinism and leprosy.

Infanteous Maleoth, Demon Lord of Baby Rape, Patron of Pederasts, Father of Perversion, Ruler of Flightless Birds, demon god of **********, infanticide, perversion and flightless birds. Worship is punishable by death in the realms of Relkigham.

Orcus the Undead, former demon lord of undeath, defeated and slain by vecna now remains as a Vestige, the ghost of a god

Deities of the Realm

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