Roadmasters Personnel

Active Members

Daenerys Californication, an elven druid of Melora from the sacred grove of melora, actually a farspawn descended Changeling gifted with the ability to change shape, she is a pacifist by nature, loves animals, and attempts to use diplomacy to solve as many problems as possible. As the chosen one of Melora she is the Princess of the Moon tasked with punishing evil.

The Great Malenko, magical Crab-Spirit in the shape of a man, a Starpact Warlock, his soul was sold to the Far Realm by his evil father, raised by good alinged monks at the Great Archives, randomly trapped in tiny crab form for long periods of time. he uses his far realm powers for good but also for himself. He is currently obsessed with completing the deck of many things.

Tyragar, magical Cat-Spirit in the shape of a man, time-twin to Malenko, created when the Far Realm Incursion split time itself, switched place with Malenko randomly, still switches timeline randomly appearing and disappearing for days at a time. Instead of studying at the archives Tyragar is an acrobat and dashing rogue. Owner of the pet rust monster Spot. Has magical hat that allows him to speak any language.

Kreager the barbarian, an amoral killing machine employed by the government, he kills whatever he is told to kill without question. Born in the Outlands he knows little of government or the world but cares only for gold.

Eyveriel the Dragon-Elf, a wood elf born with skin of fine platinum scales, her birth was seen as an ill omen as she was abandoned being raised instead as a deadly assassin. After her adoptive criminal organization was taken down by the Roadmasters they adopted her in turn. Now she uses her lethal skills in service of the government.

The Rude Mechanicals

Sir Oakley, of the amazingly huge Grey Mustache, human paladin of Bahamaat, old guy, white hair, insanely bad ass and hard to kill, wears plate armor everywhere, stick up ass, doesn’t realized how racist and embarrassing he is, but genuinely a nice and well meaning fellow. As last of his order he has legal rights to the abbey and all surrounding lands. Seeks to unite the three holy artifacts and cleanse gaardmore abbey of evil.

Kurik, evil dwarf hireling, love gold, Devotee of Tiamaat, betrayed his adventuring party to join yours, hates Sir Oakley to death and might be tagging along just to betray him. Refuses to fight chromatic dragons.

Spot the Monster, this partially tamed ruse monster loves hogger like a mother but it really, really wants to eat hammercock’s arms and armor. They keep it for guard duty but tie it up before combat.

Bjorras Broadmind, new leader of the Gaardmore Minotaurs. Rejected the rule of the Baphomet cult and has converted to worship Bahamut the god of his liberators as well as returning to their original religion of ancestor worship. He is a wise philosopher whose controversial speech caused him to be ostracized by the cult.

Timothy the Schizophrenic Rabbit of Doom, the son of Malenko and Khyrad the Malevolent Star, a talking white rabbit large enough to ride, he has three personalities two of which are evil. Was born knowing a ritual to destroy the world by constructing a portal to the Far Realm out of human bones and intestines. Was talked into becoming good by Daenerys and has learned to suppress his evil side along with his connection to the Far Realm. Can teleport in response to attacks. Serves as a mount for Daenrys.

Elves of Dark Sun, these three elves are native to the harsh desert realm of Athas, returning from a raid against the cities they became separated from their nomadic tribe and lost their way in the mud flats. They were pursued by a large Mutant Thri-Kreen and it’s Hunting Sandworm pets when they were saved by the party and pledged their lives to Daenarys in return for ticket back to her water rich world. They long to unite with their tribe and free them all from the horrors of the desert.

Inactive Members

Hammercock the Desecrater, a foul mouthed drunken dwarf fighter, Alcohol Priest of Kord and Champion of Bahamaat despite being Chaotic Evil, wears a helmet topped with a line of metal dicks, wields a Mordenkraig hammer shaped like two fate dicks, poops on things a lot

Stout Pussy, a foul mouthed drunken dwarf swordmage, Bride of Kord, mother the blessed and messianic Child of Kord, trapped in coma due to decades of alcohol abuse, had sex with kord, is half-vampire after having sex with a vampire.

Rupert-Diablo, The Most Dangerous Man Alive, Doppelganger Rogue, Champion of Kord, Champion of Tiamaat, Champion of Melora, High Mayor of the Trading Town of Dramastically, Goblin King of Kiris’Dahn, raised by dwarves, has a laser gun,

Hazel the Destroyer, a cat woman druid, Champion of Melora and Chosen of Kord, leads a druid grove of Kord/Melora followers who brew wines and ales out of forest plants, Keeper of the ancient and sacred Chalice of Kord

Seeping Gash, female half-vampire but not as cool as Stout Pussy, couldn’t cut it.

Okara, Kenku bird person, Champion of Melora, initiate of the Grove of Kord’s Chalice

Moot-Har, even more evil brother of Rupert-Diablo, wizard, floats everywhere, loves bombs, Champion of Lloth

Daisy, super good sister of Rupert-Diablo, good aligned dwarven druid, runs an animal sanctuary out of an old tower near Kiris’Dahn, has many pet wolves, Devotee of Melora

Razor Doll, Blade Princess, Blood Dancer, the Three Goblin Queens, deadly archers and master Bartenders, Queens of Kiris’Dahn, the first goblin women to learn to read, married to Ruper-Diablo

Diablo Jr, Diabla, and Moot-Har Jr, the children of Rupert-Diablo, triplets, dopplegangers

Teggert the Ever-Hungry, Ogre Chef, a civilized ogre who made a deal to become good in return for learning the secrets of cooked food, babysister to the diablo triplets, indentured servant of Rupert-Diablo

Shit-Kicker the Behemoth, a weaponized dinosaur created and discarded by the council of relkingham, only kept in check by a constant diet of hash oil, raised by trainer, mount to rupert-Diablo

Hoyt, valiant wererat, last scion of the kiris family, original heir to the throne of kiris’dahn now rules the goblin city as a regent in Rupert-Diablo’s name

Stupid the Horse, a loyal steed without fear

Emergency Rations the Horse, this horse was latter killed and eaten for no reason

Roadmasters Personnel

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