The Domains of Relkingham and Beyond


Relkingham: the Great Trading City, lead by a council of wise elders and merchants, largest city in the land, founding city of the Relkingham Confederation of Independent Citystates. Home of the famous Roadmasters. Was only a small port during the kingdom of Delornin but has grown in power due to the wise economics of its ruling merchants.
Exports: Fish, Pork, Salt

Wyella, the Temple City, sacred city of Erathis the goddess of civilization, once led a theocracy that ruled relkingham and the surrounding lands, now a member state of the Relkingham Confederation. Was once seat of Delornin, a former province of the Empire of Nerrath, and after the fall ruled the vale as a Theocracy. Went to war with Fallcrest and burned the city to the ground. Home to a very large cathedral. Over time the theocracy was infiltrated by vecna cultists but was overthrown by the Roadmasters giving birth to the Trading Confederation of Free Cities.
Exports: Fabrics, Silks, Marble Holy Symbols

Dramastically, The Trading Post Town, borders a swamp the summerset marshes, the tavern is The Leaky Dragon, they have a stuffed dragon used to house kegs, supplies neighboring guard towers along road, Shrine to Kord, secret shrine to Tiamaat, home to a psychic beastmaster, now a member state of the Relkingham Confederation. Built on the ruins of an earlier town that was wiped out by Vecna cultists looking for sacrifices.
Exports: Granite, Poisons

Summerset Marshes, a dense swamp area,inhabited by poisonscale lizardmen tribe, many lizards brew many poisons, treaty between lizardmen and trading town of Dramastically due to their mutual worship of Tiamaat. Their poison is often on sale in Dramastically if you know the right people.
Exports: None

Rupert’s Fang, an important guard tower along the road between Relkingham, Dramastically, and Wyella, named after the great adventurer, largest of three guard towers that protect the road

Sunspear, built around a crashed spaceship or an oasis spring whichever came first, surrounded by a magical desert full of deadly scorpions, ruled by Lord Pedraig, known for it’s dates, important trading route connecting south and north, now a member state of the Relkingham Confederation
Exports: Olives, Oils, Spices

Kiris’dahn, the Goblin Brewers City, inhabited by peacful civilized goblins, brew the famous beer Orc’s Piss, ruled by the valiant were rat Hoyt, once a major city during the Empire of Nerrath, still half in ruins, in between Fallcrest and the Northern Wastes. The goblins here are literate and peaceful and can be reckognized by their red face painting and their elaborate and fancy hats decorated with feathers and native flowers.
Exports: Ales, Brewing Supplies

Fallcrest, The Town on a Hill, once a great city with wooden walls now a small farming community that serves as the seasonal marketplace for the entire Outlands, surrounded by wilderness, gateway to the goblin-brewing city of Kiris’Dahn, home to Hulking Horatio, the world’s fattest halfling, owner and manager of Horatio Hulking’s Heroes for Hire.
Exports: Hides, Furs, Nuts, Vegetable, Small Game

The Outlands, the great forests of the north, very cold in the winter, there are no cities or towns here, only hunters, trappers, loggers, nomadic tribes, and only the smallest of villages who settle near rivers. The land here is fine for the trees but terrible for farming dooming most settlements to starvation. Monsters and magical creatures are said to dwell here but they are only rumors for now.
exports: none

Free Demi-Human City of Gaardmore

a thriving city of ten thousand displaced eladrin and growing population of paladin minotaurs. Led by a wise council of four, one eladrin, one minotaur, one of the three Athasian Desert Elves sacred to melora, and Sir Oakley the Paladin General. Protected by a limitless and seemingly undefeated army of Angels of Valor summoned by the abbey’s main shrine, though they cannot leave the borders of the city. The mountains is a powerful mana battery aspected towards bahamut, empowering the lawful good and weakening chaos and evil. They post a threat to Sun Spear which hoped to claims these lands the surrounding hills as their own. Home to a new cult of the Chosen of Melora, Daenerys Californicatio, which spreads the Holy Book of Daenarys
Exports: Copper, Elven Wicker, The Holy Book of Daernarys

former*Gardmoore Abbey*, ruined and monster infested town to the west of Sunspear, once a major stronghold of the Defenders of Bahamuut, a fallen order of paladins, and before that the site of a subterranean city of Minotaurs. said to be home to the legendary Deck of Many Things. The mountain itself is a Mana Battery constantly generating magical energy, which can then be attuned to either good or evil.

The Sacred Grove of Melora, known simply as the Grove by it’s inhabitants, this enchanted forest has for countless generations been considered taboo to enter by the nearby inhabitants of Wyella. The Wood Elves, Shifters, and Kenku that dwell here are isolationists who remain ignorant of the human world. They worship both Melora at a great and ancient tree in the heart of the forest and Kord the barbarian god by brewing his sacred fruit wines and hosting festival contests of wrestling and archery.
Exports: Arrows, Wines, Healing Potions

Matthias’ Farm, a cattle farm on the northern edge of the sunspear desert, makes the best beef jerky in the land, given a small fortune of gold by passing drunken Roadmasters he know owns the largest single herd of cattle in the vale.
Exports: Beef, Jerky, Cheese Wheels

Mithrendain, The Autumn City, Citadel of the Feywild, home to Sir Barrion of the Vale Guard, home to 40,000 elves. known for its yellow and orange gold capped towers. Located somewhere deep within the feywild removed from the lands of men. Last of the great cities of the elves. Their rangers the Vale Guard travel to the mortal realm to detect and neutralize potential threats to the Feywild.
Exports: None

The Great Archives, a huge temple like structure on the shore of the western sea, once the imperial library of the empire of nerrath, home to a pacifistic order of priests and scholars, now also host a large surrounding town of traders and fishermen.
Exports: None, potentially scrolls and byeshk metals

Western Sea, actually a huge freshwater lake, borders Relkingham to the east and the endless plains to the west
No Mapped Settlements

Sea of Sorrows, home to many monsters, mostly unexplored interior, it’s western narrows are home to brave and foolhardy fishermen.
No Mapped Settlements

Pirate Isles, a collection of jungle covered tropical islands to the east home to brave and dangerous tribes of sailors and aquatic monster tamers known to raid the coasts of the sea of sorrows. They hold the secrets to the brewing of Rum a much sought after liquor. The trading confederation has no diplomatic contacts with the Isles as there is no obvious government to contact and visitors are usually either robbed by pirates or slain by the monsters of the jungle.
Exports: Rum, Tobacco


Endless Plains, uncivilized grasslands, home to wild centaur tribes, remnants of the once great Golden Herd

Elsir Vale, the vale of tears, a haunted and cursed land to the south, once home to an evil kingdom of undead Vecna cultists who corrupted and conquered the human kingdom that preceded it, now a desolate and accursed wild land filled with ruins.

The Marth Waste, the Ghost Forest, a barren ash filled plain haunted by the ghosts of the now burnt forest that once stood there and the now extinct tribe of wood elves that dwelt there, eastern edge of elsir vale

Wyrmsmoke Mountains, legendary spawning grounds of the red dragons, located in Elsir Vale

Hammerfast Hold, dwarven metropolis, home to the last of the true dwarven kings, south of elsir vale, childhood home of Rupert-Diablo
Exports: Adamantium, Mithril, Gold, Diamonds,

Mystical Lands of Teej, the Blessed Kingdom, a lawful good aligned kingdom on the sourthern coast known for its great magic, Angels are said to walk it’s streets, lit at night by magic lanterns

The Domains of Relkingham and Beyond

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